About me


I am currently working as a post doctoral research scientist at the Oxford university, in the department of physiology, anatomy and genetics. I am working in Dr. Tim Vogel’s group, for the ICGeneology project.

I completed my Ph.D at the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, Warsaw, Poland. I was working in the laboratory of Neuroinformatics, under the supervision of Prof. Hab. Daniel K. Wójcik. Here, I studied the propagation of currents in a brain tissue.

Before this, I was working at National Center for Biological Sciences, Bangalore, in the laboratory of Prof. Upinder S. Bhalla, where I was involved in development of user interface for MOOSE v2.0 and in the visualization tool called Moogli.

In my previous life, I was writing software for modems and building components for a Solar telescope.

Select publications:

  1. Modelling and Analysis of Electrical Potentials Recorded in Microelectrode Arrays (MEAs), Neuroinformatics, 2015. Link
  2. NSDF: Neuroscience Simulation Data Format, Neuroinformatics, 2015. Link
  3. Collection of Simulated Data from a Thalamocortical Network Model, Neuroinformatics, 2016. Link

Current projects:

  1. Four-sphere head model for EEG signal revisited (pre-print at bioRxiv)
  2. kernal Electrical Source Imaging for a rat brain (work in progress)


I teach the course ‘Python Programming for Biologists‘ with my colleague Dr. Szymon  Łęski

My github page

My researchgate page